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It's Done !!!

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      Well, it has been a 14 year-long labor of love, but I think I can finally say that it's done! JetExec N105PS received its special airworthiness certificate today, 4/5/2014. (Gee, this is kind of like a birth announcement!)

      My compliments to both RotorWay International and KISS Aviation for their excellent kits and design. All of the components for both kits were very well built, and the instructions, pictures, plans and videos were well thought out and easy to follow. And I am especially grateful to and would really like to thank:

            Russ Gerrish for the absolutely fantastic job he did putting together the JetExec Construction Manual; and he, Dave Domanski (KISS Aviation) and Joe Bedo for all their pioneering efforts developing the JetExec.

            The RotorWay Owners Group (ROG) Forum for the comaraderie and the incredible wealth of knowledge and support provided by the web site and its members; especially to Ron Curry for creating the site and Dave Eperson for moderating the JetExec forum. And of course, Roger Sterli for all his help and for creating the JetExec Owners Information forum.

            And finally, my family and friends for enduring this endeaver.

      It's time now to start "flying off my 40 hours". Wish me luck!

            Pete S.

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